All images on this site can be ordered in a variety of canvas sizes and optionally as a digital file for you to print for your own private use. Now also available as a photo rock - a 15 X 20cm slate with your choice of image.
Canvas Prints and Photo Rocks

All prices shown here for canvas prints and photo rocks include UK mainland delivery.

For overseas orders please enquire via the Contact page.

Please note that due to the nature of canvas prints some of the image is wrapped around the edge. This is more noticeable at smaller sizes - if in doubt please ask for a preview before ordering.

For Photo Rocks some edge detail is lost to the naturally rough edges of the slate.

Supplied as digital files

Digital files are supplied for personal use only. They are normally supplied as single layer, high quality jpg files that many printers both domestic and commercial can easily work with. Price depends on finished size required and files will be supplied in the correct ratio ready for use.

Licensing / commercial use

If you are interested in using any of my images for anything other than private use please contact me noting the image reference number and your proposed use. Cost of licensing will vary according to intended use.