Got your first digital camera and feeling bewildered? Do your ISO, shutter speed and those odd looking 'f' numbers give you that head scratching desire? Understanding those three settings will put you in control of your camera and help you achieve the results you want by using either the program modes (aperture priority, shutter priority or P mode & the pre-sets) or by going fully manual and really taking control.
Modern digital cameras can do amazing things on their own using the "Auto" button - but why limit yourself when in just a few hours you can really make it perform the way you want it to ?

With some 1 to 1 tuition from me you'll soon understand how to take control of your camera and the auto button then becomes just one of the many creative possibilities at your disposal.

In those 2 hours you will learn:-
  • What ISO is and what it does - and what settings work best for any given shot.
  • Why shutter speed is important - and how to decide when this is the best control to use.
  • Just what on earth 'f' stops are - and when to make this your weapon of choice for that killer image.

Things you will need for the day:-
  • A digital SLR camera with at least one lens - bring more if you have them
  • The camera manual - if you have it
  • Batteries for your camera - bring a spare if you have one
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather conditions

Helpful but not essential:-
  • A tripod / mini tripod / bean bag
  • An idea of what subjects you will mainly be photographing
  • Note pad & pen / pencil

What the course does

We will meet at an agreed location within 30 miles of Derby (longer distances can be covered at an agreed cost) and after a brief explanation of how ISO, shutter speed and f stop (aperture) work together you will take a series of images that clearly demonstrate how they work in real life. We take images using fast shutter speeds,slow shutter speeds, high ISO, low ISO, low f numbers and high f numbers so you can practically understand what they will do to your finished image - and why.

Once you have a basic grasp of that we can concentrate on the type of images that appeal to you most and concentrate on using the settings relevant to that subject.

There is a printed explanation with sample images for you to take away for future reference and of course you will have your images to take home and examine in more detail.

What the course does not include:-
  • Transport costs - we meet at an agreed location, you are responsible for getting there and back.
  • Refreshments - but feel free to bring a snack with you if you wish.
  • Studio flash work - this is an outdoors based course.

When do the courses run?

Courses are run on a mutually convenient / location basis. Clearly we need some light so there are more opportunities in summer than winter but I work all year around and all days of the week / weekend.

Costs and booking

The cost for the 2 hour course is just £46 - to book or enquire about a booking please use my 'contact' page and send me a message. You will be responsible for paying any additional costs for both me and yourself (car parking, entry fees). I accept payment by PayPal and require a 50% non refundable deposit at time of booking confirmation. Balance due no later than 3 days prior to course. You are of course welcome to pay in full at time of booking if you prefer. For other payment method options please contact me.

Can I bring a friend / partner?

Yes, so long as we are only working with 1 camera. Remember this is aimed at 1 to 1 tuition to make sure you go away with the maximum possible understanding of your camera and how to use it. The additional person is welcome to join in or just 'be there' (they may end up being a model though).